ASKJA is an ecosystem for farmers, breeders and animal lovers. ASKJA has its own cryptocurrency (ASK) and a set of tools such as mobile applications and websites.

Askja will offer a user friendly, secure, and affordable way to store cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Askja is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes artificial intelligence with smart contracts to offer a wide range of services.

Askja will offer services, so farmers can register agricultural products and livestock on our platform as NFTs. This will allow them to be more transparent with consumers because we will partner with shops to allow products to be scanned o reveal the source and pictures of the animals or agricultural products Farmers will also be able to sell goods on our platforms receiving ASK tokens as payment.

ASK token offers economic freedom and opportunity to anyone, anywhere. It does this by decreasing the cost of money transfers and allowing people to send or receive cross-border payments instantly.


Askja contracts are using OpenZeppelin contracts. OpenZeppelin Contracts helps to minimize risk by using battle-tested libraries of smart contracts for Ethereum and other blockchains.

We have put efforts into keeping the contract as simple as possible. This ensures the longevity, robustness of Askja. I also keep the gas fee at an optimum low.

The features added :

  • A cool down period to avoid automatic trading bot to disrupt the value of Askja
  • A transfer of fee to support developing and maintaining Askja ecosystem
  • A check to insure that no use owns more than 2% of the total amount of Askja coin

The function that we added and refactored from the ERC20 open Zeppelin contracts are :

  • transfer

    On top of the standard ERC20 transfer method, this method transfers 7 % of fee to Askja fee wallet.

    If makes sure that nobody can hold more than 2% of the total amount of Askja

    It verifies that the cooldown period has expired.

  • setCoolDown

    This function enables us to set the cool down period

  • getCoolDown

    This function enables to get the value of the cool down period

Askja contract is deployed, developed and fully tested using HardHat

How can I get askjaCoins ?

There a several way to buy ASK. Users of ASKJA ecosystem will be able to buy ASK from within the wallet. Other users will be able to purchase ASK from DEX websites.


Tools and applications


Katla is the first application made within Askja ecosystem. Katla enables you to share pictures of horses, generate NFT, share and sell those NFTs on Katla market place.

Katla closed Beta is ready.

Upon siging into Katal, users get a wallet that is generated for them. Within the wallet they can buy ASK. They can then use their ASK to generate NFT and buy other NFT to add to their collection.

Katla's wallet is developed with our partners. All exchanges of ASK within the application is free of fees (GAS).

Because Katla Wallet is on the blockchain, Kata's users can send their ASK or NFT to any other wallets such a MetaMask and their NFT on plateform such as OpenSea.



BESTIZ is the second application made within Askja ecosystem. BESTIZ is similar to Katla but it is targeted at pet owners. There are though fews differences.

In BESTIZ, each pets has a profile, users can follow the life of the pet from puppy to adult. Pet owner can upload pictures of their pets, create NFTs. Shared them, sell and buy on the market place.

Users can offer gifts which are a micro-transaction of ASKJA COIN from one wallet to another.

With BESTIZ, shelters or good samaritans can share the recovery of there animals an get rewarded with gifts from their followers.


ASKJA TRACE is designed to help farmers who want to invest in direct sales and short channels. It will act as a tool for improving the position of the farmer in the value chain, as well as for accessing to local and more sustainable food by consumers.

With ASKJA TRACE, farmers can generate a certificate of authenticity from the blockchain. The certificate contains the main events of the life of the product.

The certificate can then be exported as a QR Code. The consumer can scan the code, check information and have an overview of the life cycle of the product.

ASKJA TRACE will be available on the web and on mobile devices.


Total supply : 1 000 000 000 ASK

Amount for presale : 750 000 000 ASK

Applications timeVaults :

  • 100 000 000 (release date :16/08/2022, 3:10:02 PM)

    address : 0x8AF5058615E9BE9357A75F6058bf7520EC20f216

  • 100 000 000 (release date : 16/08/2022, 3:10:02 PM)

    address : 0xD9D19978C761d124b60BEe37cBa96Bfc680D4E96

  • 100 000 000 (release date : 16/08/2022, 3:10:02 PM)

    address : 0x4AA3f171d4273c2EC0279FD7529690Eb48f0a39D

Private Sale vault:

30 000 000 ASK (release date :16/05/2022, 3:10:02 PM)

address : 0xCc11C46aF0180C9Caf02Ee68F0e36E8c2E1d0e26

Airdrop vault:

20 000 000 ASK (release date :16/05/2022, 3:10:02 PM)

address : 0xc01Af77eB7a94E5A9fBB34F7a40163004d7df573

Transfer fees : 7 %

3% development

3% marketing

1% farmer's fund



Nanna K. Kristjánsdóttir

CEO of Rusticity ehf

Gilles Tasse

CTO of Rusticity ehf

Alexander Brynjarsson

CMO of Rusticity ehf

Dhruv M.

research / expertise web3

Leandro Marcarian

economist / tokenomics expert